Need for double glazing in a building

Double glazing is when panes of double or triple glass window is separated by a vacuum or gas to reduce heat being transferred into a building. This will make the building warmer as insulated glass with glass thickness ranging from 3 mm to 10 mm (1/8″ to 3/8″) is used or tempered or laminated glass is used while construction of the building.

Working of double glazing
The most important feature of using such glasses for window through energy efficient glazing will enable you to have lower energy bills so that your home is warmer and also noise resistant. Using double glazed windows will have two thick sheets of glass with little gap in between to increase any kind of insulating barrier. You can even consider the option of triple glazed windows where instead of two sheets of glass, there are three sheets with gaps. Both offer immense energy efficiency with similar effects for both.

Benefits of double glazed windows
If you are considering double glazing your building, you can be sure of enjoying a lot of benefits like better energy efficiency and you might save as much as about £170 on your energy bill based on your requirement. You can also make your building free of external noise like traffic, honking etc. to add to the benefits, you can also enjoy heat retention within your building so that you home is warmer all thorough the year. You can also have enhanced security as the glass cannot be easily broken by burglars.

What is Green Deal scheme?
It is a form of loan provided for residences and commercial buildings in UK where there owners want to put double glazed windows to make the building warmer and to save energy. The loan repayment for this kind of grant can be done by adding the amount to monthly electricity or gas bills so that it can be repaid in instalments. However, the loan is not attached to an individual but to the actual building.

It works in such a way that the air trapped between the two glass panes of double glazed windows work as insulators for the building and making the building loses warmth and keep more heat in the building as compared to single pane windows. As the building loses less heat, it requires lesser energy to keep the building warmer. Owing to this benefit, this is considered as energy saving installation and it is considered to be a Green Deal initiative.

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